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VR helps regional theme parks compete for return visitors

VR helps regional theme parks compete for return visitors

Orlando Sentinel Article by Marco Santana

Virtual reality is a fast-growing technology that involves consumers donning a headset to immerse themselves into digital representations of different worlds.

The range of applications made possible by virtual reality can be sizable in the theme park world.

For instance, some theme parks now place virtual reality visors on customers when they board a roller coaster, creating a new digital experience.

Other theme parks allow customers to walk around and interact with an artificial environment in a virtual world built by developers.

“Virtual reality is an application that helps us get the story to our audience,” said Saham Ali, director of technology for Orlando-based Falcon’s Creative Group. “We can give experiences to anyone with a cell phone now.”

The company recently completed work on Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center’s Heroes and Legends attraction.

The more people are exposed to VR, either through mobile phones or online, the more they will expect it, Ali said.

“The only way to get people used to it is to get people applications that affect them,” he said. “We are seeing that happen more.”

The show has helped some local tech companies expand their business over the years.

Accesso, which has developed a tech-based ticketing platform, first met with Six Flags and Merlin Entertainment at IAAPA.