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CircuMotion® Theater

CircuMotion® is elegant proof of Falcon’s ability to wield sophisticated technology for jaw-dropping immersive storytelling.

Falcon’s CircuMotion® Theater redefines the possibilities of a media-based attraction experience, with an exciting and dynamic patented system that synchronizes a one-of-a-kind multi-dimensional platform with integrated media content and dazzling special effects.

The CircuMotion® is a force of nature, with multiple customizable options that allow a theater to move in ways you never thought possible. With several degrees of freedom, CircuMotion® has the power to pitch, roll, and heave in beautiful harmony with any unique adventure. Despite the raw force at this motion-base system’s disposal, its refined controls result in graceful movement that is comfortable and unbelievably smooth.

CircuMotion® is the epitome of integrated 3D media, omni-directional motion, and fully engaged storytelling. Your CircuMotion® Theater will be a marquee tour de force attraction, a boundless play space that liberates the human imagination.

  • Multi-Projector Auto-Alignment System: Single push button auto-alignment procedure analyzes and adjusts projector position and focus, ensuring crisp media clarity from day one of operation onwards

  • Electrically Actuated Projector Eyelids: An option to hide projector lenses with electrical actuators upon guest entry and exit, further masking the technology to keep audiences immersed in the story

  • Multi-Channel Circular Audio Zoning: Radically changes the notion of “surround sound” with circular ring-based discrete channel speakers, creating the illusion of music and sound effects floating through space

General Specifications


  • 134 Persons

Degrees of Freedom

  • Pitch
  • Roll
  • Heave
  • Yaw


  • Walk-in Lighting

Screen Type

  • Dome
  • Torus
  • Other

Optional Upgrades

Show Action Elements

  • Animatronics
  • Off-Board Show Action Elements

Special Effects

  • Wind on Guest
  • Vibration in Seat
  • Scent
  • Water Spritz
  • LN2


  • Show Lighting
  • Special Effect Lighting

The unique guest arrange of Circumotion® that allows for it to create new possibilities in the realm of storytelling.

Omni-Directional 3D Media which enables guests to see 3D objects in any direction and appear to float through the theater space.

Motion Base with 4 Degrees of Freedom which gives total freedom to synchronize the platform with the on-screen action.


About CAVU Designwerks

CAVU Designwerks provides next generation media-based attractions for a variety of entertainment applications. The company’s original designs, engineering experience and cutting edge fabrication, combined with uncompromising quality standards, allows CAVU to offer attractions that deliver exceptional guest experience, ride performance and ROI. CAVU’s global headquarters is in Victoria, BC with offices in the US, China, Malaysia and Korea. For more information, call +1 (250) 598-2189 or visit www.cavudw.com.

About Kraftwerk Living Technologies

Kraftwerk Living Technologies is one of the leading companies in the field of professional audio-visual system integration, headquartered in Wels, Austria. By combining and synchronizing high-quality technologies (audio, video, lighting, media control and special effects), we realize individually tailored, state-of-the-art concepts and solutions for various applications.

From immersive multimedia attractions for theme parks and entertainment venues, virtual reality projects for industry and science, to audio-visual equipment for museums, theaters and other event locations – the possibilities of professional audio-visual system integration are almost unlimited. TURN ON UNITED TECHNOLOGIES. www.kraftwerk.at.