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AVIC takes Flight

We love meeting new clients, but it’s always great working with old friends on their newest projects.

In 2010, the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC Vision) worked with Falcon’s on a dark ride experience for the Shanghai World Expo.  When they conceived a new dark ride called X-Flight in Xiamen, China they called again on Falcon’s for our design, media production and executive production services.

“We are honored that AVIC has once again reached out for our support.  Falcon’s always strives to do great work and it’s nice to be rewarded by repeat clients such as AVIC.  We are looking forward to collaborating with them on many other projects in the future,” says Cecil D. Magpuri, President and Chief Creative Officer at Falcon’s.

The X-Flight attraction begins with guests in a futuristic laboratory environment, where they are briefed on their time travel mission into the future to study one of the most devastating storms in human history. Guests are accidentally sent far into prehistoric times, where they encounter one of the most ferocious dinosaurs to walk the earth. Finally guests travel through time into the future of Xiamen, right at the peak of the storm!

Falcon’s is crafting a riveting, rich narrative for guests on the X-Flight ride by using the latest digital technologies in content development and media integration by mapping  our high resolution renderings on curved and dome screens, while creating camera perspectives that accommodate the moving ride vehicle guest point of view.

As Executive Producers, Falcon’s is currently on the ground in Xiamen supervising the integration of ride and show elements.  X-Flight is set to debut before the end of the year.

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